Places of interest in the vicinity

The ruins of the ancient pirates city of Olympos only wait to be discovered by you. And the best thing is: you can walk there. Another ancient place you can see from our garden. Only a few minutes from Anatolia Resort you’ll find the mysterious fires of the Chimera. Thousands of years ago they were used as beacons and guided seamen along the coast. You should not miss the romantic experience of walking up to the fires, especially in the dark. We will be pleased to lend you flash lights.


Places of interest nearby

Another splendid place to visit is the Friday market in Kumluca (18miles). Be inspired by the amazing display of fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices, cheeses and olives. It truly is a feast for you senses. And while you are already in Kumluca, why not carry on for a bit, and visit Myra (another 28 miles). Here again you find the typical lycian tombs, chiselled into the rocky face of the mountain. Have a rest in the well-preserved Roman theatre or visit the chapel of St. Nicolas. Especially for families the ancient port of Phaselis (10 miles) is a favourite place. Here kids can investigate the old ruins, collect sea shells and play without worries on the sandy beach.

You may think what you like about Antalya, it’s just another major city, but a visit to the “old town” with its harbour or the numerous mosques, we would recommend at any time. If you’d like to go shopping, Antalya is the place to go. Here you can look around, bargain and be amazed. Maybe you would like to take boat tour, hire a car or any other wish, talk to us.